Kartepe Nusretiye Land for Sale with Villa Construction Permit - Investment Opportunity

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  • m² (Gross) 4400
  • Eligible for Mortgage Yes

Unique Opportunity Offered for Sale in Kartepe Nusretiye: 4,400 m2 Land with Villa Construction Permit"

Located in one of the prime areas of Kartepe Nusretiye, this land offers a rare opportunity for investors and those wanting to build their dream home. The valuable plot spans a total of 4,400 m2, with 3,800 m2 available for residential construction.

Benefiting especially from the slope advantage, the land offers a unique landscape from south to north. The 15% incline within the property will bring the region's natural beauty into your home in a panoramic view. This slope also helps prevent infrastructure problems and allows for the construction of 1 or 2 additional buildings beyond the normally possible 5, thanks to the elevation difference.

When considered as a residential area, under normal zoning conditions, it is possible to construct 5 independent buildings of 200 m2 each. However, the advantages offered by this land provide the chance to build even more. The plot, free from infrastructure issues, is ideal for those looking to invest and create their own living space.

This unique land awaits to fulfill your dream of creating a peaceful living space amidst nature. The land for sale with a villa construction permit in Kartepe Nusretiye is an excellent option for both investors and individual buyers. Act now to seize these opportunities and take a step closer to your dreams.

For Sale
Kartepe Nusretiye Land for Sale with Villa Construction Permit - Investment Opportunity
For Sale in Kartepe Nusretiye: 4,400 m² Land with Villa Construction Permit: 15% Slope Advantage, Additional Building Opportunity, No Infrastructure Issues, 3,800 m² Residential Area. An Opportunity for Investment and Building Your Dream Home!
433.000$ Sale Price