Land for Sale in Urla Icmeler, Izmir

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  • m² (Gross) 313
  • m² (Net) 313

Land for Investment in Urla Icmeler, Izmir

This land, located in the sought-after town of Icmeler in Urla, the gem of Izmir, presents a magnificent opportunity for investors. The Icmeler region stands out with its unique nature and touristic potential. The land offers easy access due to its proximity to the city center.

Situated in Urla district of Izmir, Icmeler is known for its clean sea and natural beauty. Its proximity to amenities such as tourist facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, and beaches makes this area an ideal choice for investors.

The land for sale is suitable for various touristic or commercial projects. Please contact us for detailed information regarding its zoning status.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make the most of your investment while experiencing the beauty of Izmir. Contact us for more information and to schedule a meeting.

For Sale
Land for Sale in Urla Icmeler, Izmir
Land for Sale Suitable for Investment in Urla Icmeler, Izmir
370.000$ Sale Price